Naruto Roleplay, an evil god lives, a band of unlikely heroes fight him, and the darkness, battles the light
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 Evil Incarnate (Story of Abyss)

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Marcus Bloodedge

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PostSubject: Evil Incarnate (Story of Abyss)   Sat Mar 27, 2010 6:28 pm

Many millenia ago...there were two great nations in constant struggle over their island, the Vampires of the Village of Hemogakure, and the Demons of the underground city of Babylon. At first there was a steady agreement between the Hemogake Marcus of the Bloodedge and Iesu Kurusu the Smiling Demon. It prevented all out war to ravage the island, but there were still many bloody battles. One of these battles claimed the life of Marcus of the Bloodedge, giving his position of Hemokage to his first born son, Marcus Antonious of the Bloodedge. Under his leadership the war was over, Marcus defeating Iesu in one on one combat. All seemed to be well, but a seed of destruction was already sown, his name was Abyss Kurusu. He was a quiet, astranged child, but not violent, not angry. Through interference of the forces of Chaos, Abyss became a blood thristy lunatic, wanted to see the end of all live in the glory of the demon race. He quickly took power over Babylon, killing his father and taking his power. All out war broke out, and hundreds of thousands died in the ensuing battles. Eventually Hemogakure was lost in purging fire, Marcus losing his life to Abyss in one on one combat. However, Abyss was too weak to go on, and the vampire race perservered, rebuilding Hemogakure without their lord. Nearly a decade later, and Marcus was back through unknown forces, and with his return Abyss decided to return. This time he tried to destory all villages of men and monsters. He was once again defeated, Marcus with the lighting-wielding demonic warrior Jaitsu Uzamaru taking him down, ending his rule over the demons and saving the lives of everyone. People always wondered, if Marcus could return from the dead would Abyss as well? Well....unfortunatly things are always destined to repeat themselves, and the dark forces of Babylon has began gaining power once more.
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Evil Incarnate (Story of Abyss)
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